About me


I have 10 years experience in Design, Artwork and Illustration.

After graduating from the University of Lincoln with a BA (Hons) in Illustration, I have worked freelance in the field on a wide array of projects. My artwork has appeared in the AOI's (Association of Illustrators) 'Best of British Illustrations' Book (2012)

All of my work is created digitally, and captures a vintage feel through the use of layering and scanned textures. My personal style of artwork is fairly quirky, with plenty of humour and character incorporated into every design.

I have worked on countless different projects. Worksheets, puzzle books and activity pages for education. Editorial art for blogs, magazines and newspapers. Logos and mascots for corporate clients seeking some character in their branding. I can produce illustrations for a wide range of requirements.

In my personal life, I greatly enjoy running and staying fit. I also have a cat named Sox, who is the real brains behind the operation.